Parker Racor в Украине

Сепаратор Racor 645R (дизельное топливо)

Сепаратор Racor 645R

The 645R spin-on fuel filter/water separator features multiple fuel ports (4 inlets and 3 outlets) and a unitized mounting bracket for installation convenience. Inlet and outlet threads are 3/8”-18 NPTF. This filter assembly provides flexibility during mounting and fits any engine application.

Additional features include a spin-on, high-capacity, Aquabloc®II replaceable filter element which stops water, removes solid contamination, and is available in 2, 10, or 30 micron. Filtration needs should be based on application, fuel quality, operating climates, and maintenance schedules.

Also included is a spin-on contaminant collection bowl. The clear bowl used with this filter will not discolor from alcohol, additives, or UV light, and has a leak-proof, positive seal and self-venting drain for easy servicing. Water and contamination levels can be seen easily at a glance.

Options for the 645R include: water detection kits (for diesel applications only), vacuum or compound gauges, and 12 or 24 volt dc, 200 watt fuel heaters.